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perguntas frequentes


Q. What does 'Pinpad error 31' mean?

A. This error occurs when the pin-out device is not being recognized by the serial or USB port. In this case, it is necessary to consult the device manager for the correct port on which the pin pad is located. For USB pin pad it is also necessary to install the USB driver provided by the device manufacturer.

Q. In the Sitef® report the transaction is listed as Canc.PDV. What does that mean?

A. It means the transaction was canceled by the point of sale. This occurs when the cashier front system identifies a problem with printing or internal validations and sends Sitef® an authorization to abort the transaction, thereby leaving the status of Cancel.PDV.

Q. What is BIN?

A. Bank Identification Number. It matches the first six digits of the card.

Q. What is an acquirer?

A. Acquirers are credit and debit card companies, such as Rede, Cielo, GetNet, Stone, Global Payments, Safra, among others.

Q. What is a transaction with Canc.TIM status?

A. Canc.TIM = Canceled Time Out / timeout.
These are transactions that, for some lack of communication, were not sent to the approval or disapproval of the acquirer, in which case it is necessary to check the internet connection of the location or the VPN status.

Q. What does 'No communication with Sitef ® (POS to Server)' mean?

A. Possibly the server has a firewall preventing the communication between the POS and the server. In this case, request that the IT staff release TCP port 4096.
You should also verify if the POS and the server are on the same network so that you can ping the POS to the server. If it is positive, make a POST telnet to the server on port 4096. We recommend the IT staff to verify if the IP of the server is configured as static, because in environments where the IP is dynamic, the lack of communication may occur due to preconfiguration performed on the front cashier system.

Q. Why is the message "invalid mode" or "card not configured" appearing?

A. These messages appear when the BIN of the card is not included in the buyer’s chart, so it is necessary to carry out a load of charts upon the release of the buyer.
It can also occur when the payment mode does not correspond to the card mode. For example: when the operator selects debit payment in the cashier front application, but the end user inserts a credit card.

Q. What is the purpose of chart loading?

A. To export for Sitef® the range of BIN's that will be accepted by the acquirer. In specific cases, it is also useful to export new products (flags) that the customer may negotiate with the buyer.


Q. The message "NO SUCCESS IN CONNECTION WITH THE SERVER" appears on the POS screen. What to do?

A. Access the NAVS menu and confirm your settings in the "server" option.

Q. How do I update drivers (OS, EOS and CTLS)?

A. The customer will receive a driver package according to the POS model. The file is usually available by e-mail or in the cloud (Google Drive). When sent by email, it goes in TXT format – and must be renamed to .zip. Then you click on extract the file, move the VERIFONE folder to the root of the pen drive and plug the pen drive into the POS.

Q. My POS is with TAMPER. What is it?

A. TAMPER message appears when a POS security alarm gets triggered. This occurs when the POS is violated or abruptly dropped, or when some file is not compatible with the Operating System (OS).

Q. Modem Profile is in error. How to solve it?

A. Request a modem update driver to support.pos@skytef.com.br. After installing the drive, if the problem is not solved, the POS should be sent for maintenance.

Q. What is POS?

A. POS or PoS is a point of sale or point of service (Point of Sale or Point of Service). They are the electronic terminal sales machines.


Q. When I start my POS, the NAVS logo IS on the screen. What may be the problem?

A. The POS may be trying to license. Connect to a data network by configuring the parameters in the NAVS menu (press # for 5 seconds).

Q. I have a question with the LUA language. Can you help me?

A. Many of the questions related to the LUA language can be solved at lua-users.org. A suggested search model on the web is "Moon users desired function". In this way, the search will be directed to lua-users site and you will find objective and concrete answers, in a 5.1 version.

Q. I have a question with SQ Lite. Can you help me?

A. The version used for SQ Lite is 3. Look for an example of usage or request by email.

Q. I have a question with a specific NAVS command.

A. Option 1: Search the NAVS manual, http://www.skytef.com.br/adm/uploads/userfiles/images/PDF/NAVS_2018_08_03-V_1_39_5.pdf
Option 2: Send an email to support.pos@skytef.com.br informing the code line that contains the command exactly in the way it is in use. Detail what is the expected result of your application, and what you are getting from using the command. If possible, add a video to the call. This makes it easier and more responsive.

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